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 Building Traditions helps you take the first step toward starting an exciting career in construction. 

The Benefits of the Building Traditions Program: 

  • Earn while you learn or Online Craft Training.

  • Explore construction for a year without having to select a trade first, or dive right in. 

  • Connect with several of our Training Partners before joining one as an employee. u

  • Your training will be Nationally Standardized and Accredited.

  • Your training credentials will be Stackable - given credit for individual training modules and can be accumulated over time.

  • Your training credentials will be Portable - they travel with you across the country through the benefit of a national registry system. 

  • Access to Mentoring and Individual Development Plans.

  • Access to over 70 craft titles. 

Construction Workers

Ready to take the next step toward building a great career? 

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